Just me right here for you.

I work for a celebration cruise line as a customer service,we usually travel from west palm beach to freepot, you can check it on the web…
I am an intellectual, quiet, sarcastic and am venturing out to get back into the dating game. I enjoy watching sports, going to cultural events, comedy shows, concerts…just need someone to do it with.
What I’m looking for (the basics)….I need a man who does not do drugs, has his own home, a job where he files taxes and a car, no probation or prison. I am no one’s meal ticket.

My Ideal Partner

What I’m looking for he must be thoughtful, considerate, loving, can forgive and apologize, provides security and wants to take care of me emotionally. I will let a man be the man: open doors, send flowers, drive, pay, make most decisions….but he must respect me, my opinions and let me take care of him. I need a man who will make and take time for me. It hurts when a guy has time for–lets say–sports but hasn’t seen me in a week….yes, i speak from experience. I don’t suffocate people but we need an emotional and physical connection. He needs to be able to share in household responsibilities. I need a partner in life, not a controlling or possessive person…yes, i speak from experience.
Compromise…..I will go to the movies, museums, operas….i want a man who will expose me to a different yet fuller side of life….like, i don’t like nature, but if he likes to go camping, then I’ll go. If he hates operas, i would expect him to do the same for me

Username Melissa21200
IP Address
Reported Country: Australia
Actual Country: NIGERIA*

*It is possible for scammers to fake IP addresses and country.

Remember, this is a FAKE PROFILE set up by a scammer on my dating site. DO NOT ATTEMPT CONTACT. Click here to learn more about the Scammerz.org project.

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