I am spiritual, religous, and a Christian. I am straightforward,strong willed, and therefore I don’t smoke at all,I believe in treating others as I like to be treated; with kindness, courtesy,consideration, honesty, respect, etc. I do not judge others; that is up to God and I am not prejudice unless it comes to someones negative (bad) character and lack of respect, courtesy, kindness, honesty, etc. I view others through their eyes; the windows to their soul (heart) not through their physical features or attributes. Actions speak louder than words with playing Soccer, dancing, , music and cooking.I’m romantic, caring vivacious, warm-hearted, open- and single-minded, responsible, family-oriented sun bathing; walking; talking; friends;communicating; corresponding; dancing; karaoke; going on picnics; going to baseball games; watching sports; going to movies and shows; going to the beach; attending or throwing dinner parties; animals (dogs and cats); and cuddling with that “special” person.

My Ideal Partner

Seeking to meet with the right man to love me for me and I hate liar if you know your serious to have a true relationship then you can come forward


Horror movies are my favourite,especially one’s with plenty of gore! I also like suspence,action and comedy. True Lies, Marked For Death, Stephen King’s Thinner,Suspect Zero, Little Man, Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead. ,Set It Off,I’m GonnaGet You Sucka,Return Of The Living Dead, Cheech

Remember, this is a FAKE PROFILE set up by a scammer on my dating site. DO NOT ATTEMPT CONTACT. Click here to learn more about the project.

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