am a nice caring and honest man

I am fiercely loyal to my friends and significant others. I value friendship and in return I will do anything for someone I love and care about. The best compliment I have ever received was that I have a lot of love to give. I just need to find the right one to return it back to me.

My Ideal Partner

I love spending quality time together and appreciate how lucky I am to have been blessed with so many people in my life who accept and love me for who I am. To me life is a journey, an adventure, endlessly interesting and rich with possibilities. I am an adventurer at heart, one who loves to take risks, to discover and explore new worlds, and to take the untried path rather than the safe, reliable one. I am an independent soul, freedom loving, and often restless. I have a great deal of faith and trust in life and failures don’t crush my spirit (for long). I have big dreams, aspirations, and hopes for the future and am usually pursuing some distant goal. I also have a strong sense of dignity, self-respect, and personal honor. I express myself in a very open, discreet, and straight-forward manner.


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