my flower needs a big butterly

*Hi my name is Kirsten Jhonson. I just turned 21 …..I’m such a happy person… I love life and I love my family what else can a person ask for…*. .*. umm wutt else.* I love cheerleading and Gymnastics, My Hobbies Include riding fourwheelers And Horse back riding !!!!Iam a very outgoing person I love to make people laugh. And I love to laugh and have a good time……Just tryin to live it up…lol… I love romantic movies at night and I love to hear all the night noises like frogs and etc… While setting on the front porch swing.I love to have attention and I love to be with my friends. Also I know this is weird because I’m like a girl and everything but I hate talking on the phone……. I dont know why but I Do…Any ways…….*-*…*””!! lol!!* I hate drama… so all you stupid lil bitches that like to run your mouth need to like grow up…..Because life is to short so stop the drama and throw a fuckin party….. *** And if you dont like it then three words…. for ya… *”GET OVER IT”*…….. Like OK** And thats all folks…

My Ideal Partner

i want the hot one, cute and handsome, who cares for me, and love me as i am and also fuk me hard

Username kirstenJ
IP Address
Reported Country: Australia
Actual Country: INDONESIA*

*It is possible for scammers to fake IP addresses and country.

Remember, this is a FAKE PROFILE set up by a scammer on my dating site. DO NOT ATTEMPT CONTACT. Click here to learn more about the project.

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