I am a lovely happy kinky girl :D

i’m a nice happy girl. I love to have fun. I love to chat and am very open to new things. talk to me and get to know me

I love to talk to all sorts of men I love being led and love having fun

find me :D

delete the spaces

come and see me, you all :D kisses

My Ideal Partner

I love tall, short, skinny chubby etc.. as long as you make me feel good I don’t care about body types

love you all ;)


my fantasy is to be lead by a man to do everything they like I love to be lead to do everything my fantasy is to fulfill other men’s fantasies


comedy, horror, XXX and erotica


rock, pop, jazz, funk, trance, dance Reggea


don’t watch a lot of TV


Drama, suspense, novels, King, Garcia Marquez


Italian (can’t forget my roots lol :D ) french, fast food chinese and sea food makes me hot

Username cutefrancesca
IP Address
Reported Country: Australia
Actual Country: COLOMBIA*

*It is possible for scammers to fake IP addresses and country.

Remember, this is a FAKE PROFILE set up by a scammer on my dating site. DO NOT ATTEMPT CONTACT. Click here to learn more about the Scammerz.org project.

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